Ubley Annual Parish Meeting – Thursday 6th May

This year’s Ubley Annual Parish Meeting (APM) is being held by Zoom at 8pm on Thursday 6th May.

The APM is something every Council has to organise by law. Although last year’s meeting was cancelled nationally because of the pandemic, this year we have been instructed to go ahead on a virtual basis.

In the past, as you may know, the Ubley APM has been a good event and well attended. Obviously, this year is not going to be able to recreate those past meetings, but we will hold a basic one to allow residents to hear from village groups and organisations and to ask questions.

We hope, of course, that in a year’s time we can all get back to the successful face-to-face meetings we held in the village hall.

Because the last year has been so disrupted we expect that most organisations will have less to report, but it is still an opportunity to explain how they have been coping with the challenges.

Please keep a note of the date and time in the diary and we’ll provide more details nearer the meeting.

Thank you

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