Ukrainian Refugee Community Support

The war in the Ukraine is making many of us feel helpless as there is very little we can do individually or as a community to make any significant difference. However, I am approaching you to ask for your support in any way that might make a difference to Ukrainian refugee families who have managed to come live in our area.

Currently, we have about 49 sponsors throughout the Valley who have volunteered to host people in their homes. We have a number of volunteers who are supporting these sponsors to ensure there is a coordinated approach for access to services that these refugees may need.

I am one of the volunteer coordinators for “social activities,” so I am investigating activities for all ages that we could introduce these refugees to – activities like coffee gatherings, mother and child groups, exercise programs, events, and others.

We want to help these refugees with the long process of rebuilding their lives through social interaction and engagement within their new community.

Please consider that language may be a barrier but not insurmountable. At first, if possible, we would like to offer some free of charge activities until employment can be sorted.

The first families are due to arrive in the next few days.

Please get in touch with me via email at if you can offer some support or ideas.

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