Ubley Parish Hall AGM minutes 22nd April 2015



 APOLOGIES: Paul Knight PRESENT: Steve Blanchard, Andy Charter, Muriel Cole, Tim Haley, Di Hooper, Kay Matthews, Mike Nash, Charles Fenn, Heather Tinsley (Committee members), Mary Serle, John Weiss (User Group representatives).  Wesley Hallam, Chairman, Ubley Parish Council.

1: MINUTES OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING HELD WED 30th April 2014 had been circulated and were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true record. 



Steve Blanchard read the following report to the meeting:-


We have had another active and busy year and the Parish Hall continues to thrive. Ubley Parish Hall is well used by the community, in fact, it’s more or less used 7 days a week including Sunday evenings. The number of hirers is looking up as we now have Rise and Shine Toddlers twice a week and Slimming World once a week for the last 9 months. Bearing in mind the great Hall facilities we need more private bookings.


On Saturday 7th June 2014 we had a very successful Ubley Village Fete, despite me having to make a last minute “executive decision” to switch the venue from Dr Peacock’s lovely garden to the Parish Hall with its grassed Amenity Area, due to heavy overnight rain which continued into early Saturday morning and we were lucky to have in the end a very sunny afternoon!


Saturday 5th July 2014 saw another great Safari Supper, well organised as ever by Di Hooper, assisted by Sally Knight. 66 villagers attended and a profit for Hall Funds of £200 was made.


The 12th Chew Valley Beer Festival was held on 12th and 13th September 2014 with tickets for the 2 evening sessions selling out well in advance. Thanks go to the CVBF  Sub Committee for all their dedication and hard work and to Sharon Blanchard who dealt with tickets sales from early July to September with phone call enquiries at all sorts of hours!


September 2014 saw the upgrade of the Community Room with the installation of new blinds and curtains with thanks to Sharon Blanchard.


Instant Wit:  A professional Comedy Evening was held on Saturday 18th October 2014. It was an excellent evening attended by 60 villagers, but could have done with a bit more support, it was well organised by Evelyn Heighton.


The Annual Gift and Craft Fair was successfully held on Saturday  8th November 2014 despite poor weather,  with 26 Stalls,  and is still proving popular despite lots of competition that time of the year. Well organised by Muriel Cole with lots of fantastic helpers.


The Family Christmas Party was held on Sunday 7th December 2014, and was a great success with 56 children from Ubley and Compton Martin attending. Well organised by Kay Matthews and lots of helpers.


Ubley Publey “ Christmas Special” was held on the traditional last Friday before Christmas which this year fell on Friday 19th December 2014  with Mine Hosts again Sharon and Steve Blanchard. It was a great evening with an excellent variety of hot complementary food attended over the evening by over 70 villagers.


Don’t forget Ubley Publey the first Friday of each month , now I believe in its 18th Year, and as a general plea attendances do wain from time to time, please support it as it’s a great community event and as the saying goes “ it’s not just for Christmas”!. We are ringing the changes with Ubley Publey and have now introduced successful Family Ubley Publeys 2 or 3 times a year with an earlier start time of 7.00pm and with hot food.


Chew Valley Alarms in February 2015 upgraded the Extractor Fan system in the Gents.

Also in February 2015 we have had WIFI   installed in the Parish Hall with particular thanks to Andy Charter and Mike Nash.


Matthew Govan from Compton Martin has fitted in well as our new Hall general handyman, and has been able to do some work at very short notice on occasions, which has been extremely helpful with the Hall in constant use.


Saturday 7th March 2015 saw the successful appearance of Whytehouse  Band, which was well attended raising funds for the Parish Hall and local charities, well organised by Tony Hooper.


As Chairman of the Parish Hall Committee since 2000, it’s been my stated policy for several years now to have a minimum Contingency Fund of £10,000 as a rainy day fund and we currently have well in excess of £20,000 over and above the reserve figure and the next main projects are the Refurbishment of the Kitchen (a Sub Committee was formed January 2014 ),  and more recently a Sub Committee is being  formed to investigate the  installation of Patio Doors in the Bar Lounge.


We are, as always, grateful to Parish Councillor John Weiss for maintaining the flower tubs at the front of the Hall which enhances the whole appearance.


It was disappointing to hear during the year that BANES had turned down Ubley Parish Council’s request on our behalf  to have a Grit Bin installed on the verge corner (by the plants/shrubs ) of Walnut Tree Close. The Western part of the village is the only part of the village without a Grit Bin and I would like to appeal to Ubley Parish Council to take this matter on board again, perhaps funding the cost from Parish Council funds. As we all know there have been instances over the past 2 or 3 winters whereby the Hall Car Park has been treacherous with ice, and is a real hazard with the Parish Hall in constant use.


Running Ubley Parish Hall nowadays is like “running a small business” and as Chairman in my 15th Year “in office”, I am very grateful for the support of my hard working Committee, Co-opted- Members and Villager helpers. Special thanks to Derek Sowden who stepped down from the Main Committee after 15 years in August 2014, having given tremendous service to the Committee over the years, but still kindly assists our new Bar Manager Kay Matthews stocking the Bar.


Steve was warmly thanked for his comprehensive report.

2b) TREASURER Andy Charter circulated the Accounts (see separate papers) for the year ended 31st March 2015 and presented his report to the meeting.

  • The Hall’s financial position remains strong with a surplus generated during the year of £7,212 and reserves in excess of £40,000. However, it is likely that over the next couple of years reserves will be reduced if projects such as the kitchen refurbishment are progressed.
  • Hall hire income was marginally lower during the year reflecting a lower level of casual bookings, although contract bookings which is more secure and long term in nature increased. 
  • The solar panels continue to be a valuable source of income for the Hall. This income source is safeguarded (and index linked) for a further 22 years subject to continued operational performance from the panels (and weather conditions)
  • The contribution generated by the bar was in line with last year representing a continued enhancement to its profit margins despite a reduction in its income for the second year in succession.
  • The Beer Festival continues to be a valuable source of income to the Hall and this year generated a profit of approximately £4,900
  • During the year the hall changed its gas supplier from E.on to BG.  This resulted in a lower total cost during the year following a refund of a credit balance on the account and the receipt of compensation for poor initial service from BG.  The Hall is now contracted for 3 years with BG.
  • Cleaning costs increased during the year as the cleaners hours were restored to historic levels, although no invoices have been received for cleaning since December 2014..
  • A new alarm system was installed during the year and this appears to have resolved the issue of false alarms.
  • The Community room has been refurbished with new soft furnishings and Broadband has now been installed in an attempt to secure more commercial bookings.  
  • Repair and maintenance costs increased, although these were in line with historic averages.

Andy explained that currently the accounts were not audited as our former auditor had resigned. He is seeking a new auditor at present.

The Chairman expressed his thanks to Andy for all his hard work as Treasurer during the year and commented on the soundness of the Hall’s finances.

2c) BOOKING SECRETARY:  Muriel Cole read the following report to the meeting: 

I have stood here for too many years to remember, and I am running out of ways how to present this report, so here is the same as usual presentation.  


The diary and income shows that casual bookings have been rather slow over the past year.

Children’s parties remain quite popular.  The Meningitis Chew Valley Sale held their Spring and Autumn sale, and have booked for May 17th 2015.  The RNLI continue to hold two of their major fund raising functions here and always praise our facilities. 


A new user is the The Care Forum who held a meeting last year, and have booked for 2 meetings in this financial year.


The Bar lounge continues to be used as a Polling Station and of course will be used on 7th May 2015.


Contract Booking 


The contract bookings continue i.e. U3A, Slimming world, Tuesday Badminton, Wednesday Ladies Badminton, Senior Ki Aikido twice a week.  Several Yoga & Pilate classes and Explorer Scouts during term time. The toddler and mother group Rise and Shine has proved to be a very popular group.


Sadly we lost Rugby Tots, but Dave Hedges football skills for the first year primary school children functioned from November to March, with a day session in the half terms, and he will be returning in November 2015.


Ubley School used the hall during STATS week last year, and for a number of sessions during the autumn / winter term.  They have booked the community room for use during STATS week again.


Craft Fayre : I said last November that I would not be organising the Craft Fayre this year.  If anyone is interested in taking over – that would be good.


I believe we need to continue to promote and show case our hall to ensure that at least the current level of bookings are maintained for the future and continued financial stability.


The time is very close when I shall step down as Booking Secretary and I hope that someone will come forward.

The Chairman thanked Muriel for her splendid work throughout the year. Steve made the point that we need to market the Hall more effectively, particularly for private function bookings. Kay commented that we really need to raise the Hall’s web profile with our own website, not one simply attached to the village website. Steve agreed that the Committee need to look into this in the coming year.

2d) SECRETARY:  Heather Tinsley read the following report to the meeting:


Since the 2014 AGM the UPHMC Committee has had a full complement of elected members (12); these are Steve Blanchard, Andy Charter, Muriel Cole, Kay Matthews, Paul Knight, Mike Nash, Tim Haley, Di Hooper, Evelyn Heighton, Gen Moat, Heather Tinsley , Derek Sowden (to July 2014)  and Charlie Fenn (from November 2014).  Additionally there were two representative members, John Weiss (Parish Council) and Mary Serle (Parish Church) and three co-opted Members, Pete George, Tony Hooper and Steve Glanville.    In addition to her role as an elected member, Gen Moat also represented Ubley School PTA on the UPHMC.   According to the Scheme of Governance of the Hall Committee, set out by the Charity Commission, all Committee members are also Trustees of the Hall, providing they have signed the Minute Book following their election to the Committee. The Parish Council is the Custodian Trustee.

The Committee held 6 ordinary meetings during the year and one extraordinary meeting for discussion of Hall hire charges. Average attendance at these meetings was 60%. (8.4 members). Apart from the Beer Festival Committee, there have been no other active sub-committees this year.

In preparation for this AGM, the Parish Council, St Bartholomew’s Church and Ubley School PTA have been invited to nominate Representatives to the Committee. Representatives of all Hall user groups have received invitations to the AGM.

At the Committee meeting in January 2015 the Chairman asked that, in future, representatives of user groups and all Committee members sending apologies to meetings should submit a short report on any relevant matters to the Secretary.



In July Derek Sowden, the Bar Manager and designated Premises Supervisor, retired after 15 years on the Committee, as a token of appreciation of all Derek’s hard work an engraved beer glass was presented to him at the September meeting. The Committee were delighted that Kay Matthews has taken on the role of Bar Manager.  Charlie Fenn joined the Committee in November, filling the vacancy left by Derek. 


During the year the Committee have ensured that necessary routine repairs have been carried out at the Hall. In addition, the Community Room has now been fitted with curtains and blinds (thanks to Sharon Blanchard). 

Car parking at the Hall remains as issue on certain busy days and it has been necessary to draw the attention of some user groups to the need for considerate parking on roads adjacent to the Hall when the car park is full. On some occasions this year the mobile Library has had difficulty turning as cars have parked on both sides of Walnut Tree Close and also on The Street, outside the perimeter of the Hall car park where the road is narrow. I have liaised both with the user groups concerned and the drivers of the Library van.


Once again, Ubley School have agreed to entertain at the forthcoming Village Fete and we are grateful to the Headmistress for her support of the Hall Committee and for allowing parking at the school on fete days.


The Chairman thanked Heather for her work during the year.


2e) BAR MANAGER: The Bar Manager, Kay Matthews read the following report to the meeting:

Attendance at Ubley Publey during the winter months has been mixed but last summer, Family Ubley Publeys were introduced and well attended - we are planning a series of them again this year with earlier opening times and food being sold.

We will be shortly implementing a change with Derek being relieved of his designated premises supervisor responsibilities with this being assumed by the Hall committee going forwards.

A big thank you to all those who contribute to running the bar – Derek Sowden continues to help with stocking the bar, Tony Hooper in keeping us in change and doing the books and the multitude of volunteers who make opening the bar possible.

Kay was thanked for her work in managing the bar over the last year, and in particular for taking on the paperwork which will allow the Committee to take over the responsibility of Designated Premises Supervisor.

 Following her report, Kay commented on the importance of the Bar in supporting the Hall’s finances. The Family Ubley Publey’s have been successful, in future Kay will publicise them through an email contact group and the Ubley School in addition to our usual advertising. Muriel Cole made the point that we need to be mindful of the needs of the Explorer Scouts who also use the |Hall regularly on a Friday and always give them warning of a family event on the same night.

3: ADOPTION OF REPORTS AND ACCOUNTS:  The adoption of the Annual Reports and Accounts was proposed by Mary Serle and seconded by Kay Matthews and unanimously agreed.

4: Appointment of Honorary Auditor: The Treasurer is currently seeking an Honorary Auditor for the coming year.

5:  Election of Committee Members: The resignation of Committee members Gen Moat and Evelyn Heighton was announced by the Chairman; Di Hooper also announced her resignation. Steve warmly thanked Di, Gen and Evelyn for all they had done for UPHMC, particularly mentioning Evelyn’s long service to the Hall.

 Steve Blanchard, Muriel Cole, Tim Haley, Andy Charter, Paul Knight, Charles Fenn, Kay Matthews and Mike Nash were willing to stand again. Heather Tinsley indicated that she was resigning from the elected membership of the UPHMC but was willing to be co-opted. Wesley Hallam proposed that these Committee members, along with co-opted members Tony Hooper, Steve Glanville and Pete George be re-elected en bloc, this was seconded by Di Hooper and unanimously agreed. Steve Blanchard then announced that Rachele Snowden had indicated her willingness to join the UPHMC, this was welcomed by all.  

6: ANNOUNCEMENT OF REPRESENTATIVE MEMBERS: Nomination forms for Representative Members had been returned by the Parish Council, nominating John Weiss, and St Bartholomew’s Parochial Church Council, nominating Mary Serle.

7: A.O.B.  None

The meeting closed at 9.00pm.