TrueSpeed in the village - an update

10th October – update.

TrueSpeed are working through the village to install their superfast Broadband.  The Parish Council has tried over recent weeks to get details of their work schedule without success. Eventually we managed to get TrueSpeed to attend our Council meeting last Thursday.  We now have points of contact but, as you will see, the work is going ahead anyway through agreements TrueSpeed has with B&NES Council. We will, however, continue to try to get as much information from them as we can.

Most of the implementation work will be using cables attached to the various Western Power and BT poles. There are, however a couple of locations where they say they’ll need to dig up the roads. They will leaflet locals in these areas to let them know what’s going on.  They are also putting poles up the first part of The Sidelings and will mean cutting vegetation back as part of this.

We will pass on any further information we can obtain.