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Useful Information

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Useful Information



Several parents are concerned that vehicles travel through our village at inappropriate speeds. Ubley is soon to have speed detectors, which will determine how fast vehicles come through the village.

But if you see a vehicle you think is travelling too fast,

you are asked to make a note of the registration number and pass this information to the Police on 111


In recent months it has become obvious that there is a problem within Ubley Parish regarding dog fouling, or to be more precise, owners who do not pick up their dog’s mess.

Dog faeces typically contain over one million microscopic Toxocara eggs, which can remain on the land for up to two years. Toxocariasis can cause blindness, children could be most at risk of this infection.

Farmers are very concerned that dog faeces can be collected up with grass fodder causing illness that can lead to cattle abortions. So also pick up through the fields.

Please pick up your dog’s mess wherever it is.


Ubley Parish Council Meetings take place in the Hall on the first Thursday of every month. 

Residents of Ubley are very welcome to attend and may raise any issue at the start of a meeting in the open session.