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Short Report - September 2019

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Short Report - September 2019

Short Report for the Ubley Parish Council Meeting held on 5th September 2019

New Parish Clerk

The Parish Council are pleased to welcome the new Clerk, Corinna Levack who will take over from Hilary Collins from the 1st November.


There have been several reports from parishioners regarding overgrowth of verges and hedges affecting the highway. Though it is the responsibility of landowners to keep their boundaries in good order, the Parish Council has been busy not only in reporting problems to B&NES but also tackling some of the hedges themselves.

The Vice-Chairman is continuing to liaise with B&NES regarding the implementation of the agreed new speed limit throughout the village.

Grounds Maintenance

The Chairman is heading up work on tackling the Himalayan Balsam in the hedgerows behind Innicks Close and will speak to a landowner regarding Japanese Knotweed in another part of the Parish. Again, it is the landowners’ responsibility to tackle these issues. Advice can be gained from B&NES or the Parish Council.

The “Spend to date” on Grass cutting was examined against the budget agreed for it. With only a relatively small amount left in the budget, it was agreed that the grass cutting schedule would be revised and several Councillors have offered to do some of the grass cutting themselves – which they have often done in the past.

Parish Hall

A working party of three Cllrs agreed to cut back and re-train the wisteria.

The hedges and grass around the Hall was discussed and will be cut before the Beer Festival on the 20th September, if necessary by a working party.


The Ubley Street Party is due to take place on Sunday 8th September from 2pm until 4.30pm. All licenses and permissions have been obtained.

(Just to let you know that this event was a huge success. Many thanks to all who attended and to the Group for organising such a special event).

Report from District Councillor Pritchard

District Councillor Pritchard reports that the Joint Spatial Plan has been withdrawn on the advice of the Inspector. We have no guidance from B&NES on this at present.

Transport issues are continuing to be looked at locally, with a recent survey having been sent from Stowey Sutton into B&NES.


A representative from Curo is coming to Ubley to discuss the cabinet on Innicks Close with the Vice-Chairman.

Police and Neighbourhood Watch

A report was received from Beat Manager Jon Beswetherick. He reports two incidents of theft from motor vehicles in Ubley between June and August 2019. This is an on-going problem in the Chew Valley, as represented also in the Neighbourhood Watch report.

NB. The next Beat Surgery is planned for Wednesday 16th October at Moondance Café, Chew Magna, between 11am and 1pm.

Free Stickers

The Parish Council has ordered some “Do not knock” door stickers. These have been produced free of charge for the elderly and other vulnerable groups. Please contact the Clerk if you would like to receive one.


Further information regarding meetings and draft minutes are published on the website within a few weeks of each meeting. The next meetings will be on Thursdays 3rd October, 7th November and 5th December.


Chairman: Wesley Hallam     Tel: 01761 463509

Clerk: Hilary Collins     Tel: 01761 462294

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.