Minutes Ubley Parish Council 3rd January 2019

Draft Minutes of the meeting of Ubley Parish Council held on Thursday 3rd January 2019



Present: Councillors: Hallam (Chairman), Collins (Vice-chairman), Cole, Haley, Moore, Smart and Thompson.

Clerk: Mrs H. Collins 




  1. To receive and accept apologies for absence

        Apologies: None                            


2)    To receive declaration of interest in the agenda

  None reported.





  1. Open session to receive comments from the public

No members of the public were present at the meeting. It was noted that the hedge by the Green on Innicks Close had been cut but that some clearing up was needed. 


A working party was set up to meet on Saturday morning to do this work and also take down the Christmas tree


  1. To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meeting held on 6th December and go through the follow-up actions.

The Minutes and the Financial Statement attached to it were approved and signed. 


District Councillor Pritchard was given the flooding posters that the Parish Council had concerns about.







District Councillor Pritchard to report back to the Parish Council at the next meeting

  1. Clerk’s report/correspondence: To discuss and approve further actions where needed:
    1. Hedges on Tuckers Lane

There had been no response from Farmer Bath to the Clerk’s letter and the hedges had still not been cut back. It was agreed by the Parish Council that the Clerk should report this to B&NES including the timeline of verbal and written communications with the owner.


b) Draft Community Asset Transfer Policy

A Consultation is open on the above policy.








The Clerk to report to B&NES as agreed





Cllrs Collins and Moore will look at this and respond on behalf of the Parish Council

6)  To receive an update on Highways issues, speed limits and signposts

  1. Update on speed limits

Following the letter from Mr Garrod offering to meet in January, the Chairman and Vice-Chairman will arrange a meeting with him.




  1. Bins for the lay-bys

The Clerk is awaiting information from B&NES re the size and appearance of the new-style bins being proposed.


  1. Drainage

The Chairman had done some work in the stream/ditch behind Innicks Close and the water was now flowing more freely. However, further work on the gully is needed and will be done in the Spring. The bridge by Dr. Peacock’s property keeps blocking and needs to be kept clear of fallen leaves etc.



The Chairman and Vice-Chairman to set up a meeting with Mr Garrod



The Clerk to contact Martin Hellyer again re this







  1. To receive an update from the Police/Neighbourhood Watch

There was no report from the Police. 


There have been an increasing number of distraction burglary attempts across B&NES and there was an assault in Bath. 






  1. To receive an update from District Councillor Vic Pritchard

The health and well-being board are looking at better ways to build new communities. The Clean Air Consultation has had 8,400 replies and it will therefore take longer to process these than expected.



  1. Trustee Status. To receive an update

As this work has now been completed, this item will be removed from the agenda.



  1. Projects.
    1. Grass cutting. To receive an update from the working group.

We did not get the grant from Mendip AONB, which was going to be used for the ride-on mower. There is an agreement in principle that the Parish Council could put a hut on the Glebe Field for the purpose of storing a mower etc.




    1. Playground. To receive an update.

(As the lead on the renewal of the lease for the Glebe Field, Cllr Smart was given the original lease documents by the Chairman.)

An outline proposal has been produced. As the Playground is improving the community and therefore good for health then CIL monies could be used towards this project. There is agreement from the PCC that the back door to the Church could be used to enable those using a playground to access the new facilities.




The Chairman to send a letter of appointment to WestCountry Groundcare Ltd and to contact Tim Baker











  1. Finances
    1. Financial statement 

The Financial Statement was shared with the council.


    1. To confirm payments and signing of cheques 

The payment of cheques was agreed, and they will be signed immediately after the meeting.

    1. Budget Forecast: To begin analysis prior to setting of Precept

A copy of the draft budget was shared with the Parish Council. Areas of additional expenditure were discussed, such as the phasing out of the sweeper scheme, the withdrawal of B&NES support for Parish Council by-elections and the need to keep enough reserves for these issues and for maintenance costs. It was noted that grants are easier to obtain if the applicant can show that they have some money to put towards a project themselves.











The Clerk to provide a more detailed budget prior to the next meeting

  1. Defibrillator: To receive an update  

Cllr Moore will look into improving the lighting inside the cabinet and also to check the green light above the cabinet.



Cllr Moore to speak to Steve Blyth

13)  Planning

  1. To receive updates on The Village Plan/Place-making Plan/CVNP

Nothing of note this month.


  1. Other planning: To discuss and decide a response to application: 18/05372/FUL Lyndon Lodge, The Street, Ubley

There was unanimous agreement that the Parish Council had “no objection” to this application.


  1. PCAA. To receive an update.

An email had been received from Wrington Parish Council regarding the open meetings that they are holding on the Airport Expansion Plans.


  1. Gigaclear/ Truespeed. To receive an update.

A trench which was dug across the road in Innicks Close has been poorly filled in and there is concern that the surface will break up in the frosty weather.










Cllr Collins to inform B&NES of this decision



The Clerk to forward the email to all Councillors


The Clerk to email Mr Keyte from Truespeed re the trench in Innicks Close

  1. Sweeper - To discuss and decide the way forward in light of changes to the sweeper scheme.

As previously confirmed, the Parish Council wishes the Chairman to send his proposal to Paul Myers.




The Chairman to send the agreed proposal to Cllr Myers


  1. To receive an update on the Parish Hall
  1. To further discuss insurance for events taking place in the Amenity Area.

Cllr Haley confirmed that the Parish Hall Committee take out insurance for activities in the Hall, but this does not cover fixtures and fittings in the amenity area and car park.


The Parish Council wish to extend their grateful thanks to Steve Blanchard, the out-going Chairman of the Parish Hall Committee. His sterling work over the past nineteen years is very much appreciated.






  1. To receive reports from Councillors who have attended meetings or training sessions:

None attended since the last meeting.






17)  To confirm the date of the next meetings

The next meetings will be held on Thursdays 31st January 2019 and 7th March 2019, starting at 7:30pm.


             Chairman: Wesley Hallam Tel: 01761 463509

Clerk: Mrs Hilary Collins Tel: 01761 462294

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.