Minutes Ubley Parish Council 4th October 2018

Draft Minutes of the meeting of Ubley Parish Council held on Thursday, 4th October 2018



Present: Councillors: Hallam (Chairman), Collins (Vice-chairman), Cole, Haley, Moore and Smart.

Clerk: Mrs H. Collins 




  1. To receive and accept apologies for absence

        Apologies: Councillor Thompson.  Received and accepted.  



2)    To receive declaration of interest in the agenda

  None reported.





  1. Open session to receive comments from the public

No members of the public were present at the meeting.

However, at very short notice, following requests, the Community Growth Manager for TrueSpeed had confirmed that she would be able to attend the meeting to talk to Councillors. She detailed two sites where TrueSpeed were having a challenge with their implementation.

The Parish Council asked that residents were kept informed of installation details.




The Vice-chairman offered to talk to B&NES about these if necessary


  1. To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meeting held on 6thSeptember and go through the follow-up actions.

The Minutes and the Financial Statement attached to it were approved and signed. The actions from those Minutes were gone through to ensure that they had been done or were in the process of being done. 


A homeowner will put up a sign near the top of The Street, reminding road-users not to park near the Old Chapel between the wall and the telegraph pole, as it can cause an obstruction.





Four volunteers have been found to ring the church bells on Remembrance Sunday but one more is needed.



The overgrown hedges in Tuckers lane have still not been cut back, despite requests from the Chairman to the Landowner.









The Chairman to email the owners of the old Chapel to inform them of this, so they can pass on the request re parking to their users


A request for another bell ringer will be put in the Short Report.


The Clerk to write to the landowner regarding this issue


  1. Clerk’s report/correspondence: To discuss and approve further actions where needed:
  1. Community Awards

The Clerk advised the Parish Council of the categories and deadline for nominations for this award.




  1. Christmas

Arrangements for Christmas were briefly discussed.





  1. Remembrance Sunday and Peal of bells

An email received about this from the PCC was read out by the Clerk.





Details to be put in the Circulation Folder





The Chairman to organise the tree and lights. A working party to be arranged to set them up


A copy of this to be put in the Circulation Folder


  1.  To receive an update on Highways issues, speed limits and signposts


  1. Update on drainage works

Nothing to report.


  1. Update on speed limits

There has still been no response from B&NES. 







  1. Update on kissing gates








  1. Bins for the lay-bys.

No response has yet been received from B&NES









The Vice-chairman to contact the appropriate Cabinet member, and the Chairman to write to our MP


The Chairman to check whether the steps to the stile on Snatch Lane have been repaired and if not to email Sheila Petherbridge



The Clerk to continue to liaise with B&NES


  1. To receive an update from the Police/Neighbourhood Watch

There was no report from the Police. 


Chew Stoke and Chew Magna have experienced “low level crime” e.g. theft of tools from a van. There continue to be rogue traders in the area.






  1. To receive an update from District Councillor Vic Pritchard

District Councillor Pritchard discussed the Bath Clean Air Zone. The submission has to be in by the 1st of January 2019. He also updated the Parish Council on the outcome of the Ward Boundary Changes. This means that the North and South Chew Valley Wards would combine with Stanton Drew. They would have two District Councillors who would be responsible for the whole of this combined Ward.




  1. Trustee Status. To receive an update.

Cllr Moore updated the Parish Council on the on-going work.



The Clerk to send the contact details of Thatcher and Hallam to Cllr Moore


  1.  GDPR

a) To clarify the position regarding the DPO

The Councillors agreed that they would wish to employ Kevin Rose as the DPO as “good practice”.


b) To discuss how Councillors set up a separate email address for their Parish Council business

The Clerk explained the importance of this measure and it was duly agreed.




  1. To review the issuing of Privacy Notices.

The Clerk had sent an email to Deborah White, Chief Officer of ALCA regarding concerns about sending a full Privacy Notice to all Contractors. A response had not yet been received.









Cllr Haley to set up the new email addresses for all Parish Councillors



The Clerk to contact Deborah White again

  1.  Councillor Roles

To re-distribute roles and responsibilities within the Parish Council and agree a template to be put on the website.


The Councillors agreed a re-distribution of roles and responsibilities.






The Clerk to produce a template once the new emails are confirmed


  1.  Finances
    1. Financial statement 

The Financial statement was shared with the Council.


    1. To confirm payments and signing of cheques (see Financial statement)

The payment of cheques was agreed, and they will be signed immediately after the meeting. The Clerk received agreement from Cllrs Moore and Smart that they will be added to the Bank Mandate as signatories on the Parish Council account. 


    1. Grass cutting. To receive an update from the working group.

Options were discussed. It was agreed that costs of running a Parish Council lawn-mower scheme should be compared with quotes from contractors.













The Clerk to collate the required forms to add the new signatories to the mandate




The Clerk to forward the grass-cutting frequency table to Cllrs. Also, to send the contractor details received from Blagdon P.C. to the Chairman


13) Defibrillator: To receive an update  

Though Lucy Holt had offered to continue with the Defibrillator monitoring, the Parish Council felt that it should return to their charge. Cllr Moore offered to take over this role.


The Clerk to forward Lucy’s email to Cllr Moore

14)  Planning

  1. To receive updates on The Village Plan/Place-making Plan/CVNP

A representative from Ubley was unable to attend the CVNP meeting on the 17th September.






  1. Other planning:
    1. To ratify the Parish Council’s decision on the application below:

18/03783/FUL,  Lexington, Tuckers Lane, Ubley

The decision was unanimously ratified by all Parish Councillors present.

    1. To discuss and decide a response to applications:
  1. 18/03813/FUL   1 Squire Lane, Ubley 

“No objection” was the agreed response to this application but with comments added regarding trees and water course.

 b) 18/04143/TCA    Greycot, The Street, Ubley

“No objection” was the agreed response to this application. But with a comment regarding the suggestion for replacement of trees.

  1. PCAA. To receive an update.

See section 17 below.


  1. Playground. To receive an update.

The Vice-chairman updated the Council on the first meeting of the Play Area Group. There is a very good group that has come together.

The Chairman and Vice-chairman are to meet with CURO on Monday.




  1. Gigaclear/ Truespeed. To receive an update.

See section 3 above.







The Clerk to request the minutes of that meeting and to inform the Administrator that Cllr Smart is now the representative from Ubley.

























The Clerk to share her list of playground equipment suppliers with the Vice-chairman.

  1. Sweeper - To discuss and decide the way forward in light of changes to the sweeper scheme.

The transitional funding offer has now been received from B&NES. The offer for Ubley is half the sweeper allowance in the first year and nothing in the second year. However, this is conditional on no changes being made to the level of service.




The Clerk to email the transitional funding offer from B&NES to the Cllrs.

16)  To receive an update on the Parish Hall

Cllr Haley reported back from the Parish Hall meeting that the Committee do not believe that they have insurance cover for the Amenity Area and the Car Park.



Cllr Haley to check this with Angus 

  1. To receive reports from Councillors who have attended meetings or training sessions:

Cllr Moore reported back from the Chew Valley Forum held on the 24thSeptember. The main theme for the meeting was young people.  A presentation was also given on Air Quality in the Chew Valley and the Clean air zone for Bath.


CVNP meeting, 17th September. See 13a above.


The Clerk attended the B&NES ALCA Group meeting on the 19th September. At this meeting, questions on the Sweeper Scheme and Grass-cutting were collated to take forward to the Parish Liaison meeting.


The Vice-chairman attended the PCAA meeting on 27th September. The PCAA are submitting a formal response to the consultations on the North Somerset Council (NCS) Local Plan 2036 and has significant concerns that need to be highlighted.




Attendees for future meetings were agreed as follows:

- 6th October. ALCA AGM meeting. The Clerk or Cllr Moore.

- 24thOctober. Parish Liaison meeting. The Chairman and the Clerk

-  26thNovember   Chew Valley Forum. Cllr Moore



18) To confirm the date of the next meetings

The next meetings will be held on Thursdays 1st November and 6thDecember 2018, starting at 7:30pm.


             Chairman: Wesley Hallam Tel: 01761 463509

Clerk: Mrs Hilary Collins Tel: 01761 462294

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.