Minutes Ubley Parish Council 7th Jan 2016

 Minutes of the meeting of Ubley Parish Council held on 7th January 2016 


Present Cllrs: Hallam (Chairman), Cole (Vice Chairman), Collins, and Weiss

PCSO Martyn Bragg

The Clerk, Miss L. Matthews


Apologies: Cllrs Haley and Thompson and District Cllr Pritchard. 



1. Open session

Cllr Holt advised that she had been approached by a parishioner about the state of the wall outside “The Old Manor”.  There were concerns that it could become unstable. Ubley Primary School had recently undertaken extensive repairs to the boundary wall which backed on to the School playground because it was crumbling in places. 

The PC will look at this whilst undertaking the quarterly inspection. 


2. Minutes of the last meeting held on 3rd December 2015, including the Short Report.

The minutes of the last meeting were signed and approved as a correct record. 


3. Register of Interests



4. Clerk’s Report/Correspondence: Highway issues, Speed limits, Footpaths, Hedges, Sign posts, any other correspondence

Highway issues

The Clerk will ask Highways to unblock the drains in the village.

Speed Limits

Cllr Hallam will send a reminder to B&NES as no update had been received.

Cllr Hallam advised that the hedge at the top end of Snatch Lane had been cut back extensively making it possible to replace the existing 20mph sign with a wider one.


There was nothing to report.


The Clerk will speak to the landowner about the overgrown hedge in Tuckers Lane.

Sign Posts

This was being dealt with by B&NES. 

Any other correspondence

The Mendip Hills AONB ballot form for Parish representative will be fast tracked as this needs to be returned by 18th January 2016.


5. Police Report

There were no reported crimes in Ubley during the last three months.

The 101 number still appears to be causing a few issues for users, but is being looked at to try and improve the service. If urgent users should dial 999.

Members of the public are as always encouraged to continue to be vigilant and to report anything suspicious. 


6. District Councillor’s Report

There was nothing to report.


7. Financial Statement/Precept/Budget Forecast.

Financial Statement/Budget Forecast

The financial statement and Budget Forecast had been circulated to Council.

The guide to the transparency grant regarding the purchase of computer equipment and setting up of a web site had been placed in the circulation folder.

It was agreed that a grant of £560 will be given to St. Bartholomew’s for the up-keep of the grounds.


It was agreed that the Precept will remain the same for 2016/17 however this may need to be increased from 2018. Reserves should ideally be at the same level as the Precept. 


8. Planning

The Village Plan

Progress is being made.


Cllr Hallam will formalise the CIL agreement and confirm that “The Glebe” is ACV and locally important Green Space. 

A sustainability assessment must be completed for each parish. A pack has already been put together with a generic paragraph which will cover each Parish, however each of the Parishes may need to adjust their own section to suit. This will be sent out to parish clerks to be added to PC agenda.

Supporting photographic evidence is still being compiled. These are to support policies HDE 1, 2, 3 & 4 and to get all important views logged on the map.

Work is starting on the settlement characteristics and Cllr Collins will send through tweaked character assessments if necessary.

Every PC has agreed to a central pool for the CIL. PCs will be asked to decide on how best to manage the fund going forward. An example could be 7 funding committee members (suggest chairs/vice chairs of each of the PCs) and a non-executive chair. A spreadsheet is to be created with spending plan priorities which all PCs sign up to.

All councillors are to be familiar with what is going in the Neighbourhood plan so that questions asked on the Plan can be answered by all councillors.

No update had been received regarding VAT.




Placemaking Plan

There was nothing to report.


Squire Lane

There was nothing to report. 

Cleve Hill

This was pending. 

Parcel 4865, Bickfield Lane

This had been withdrawn by the applicant.

14 Innicks Close

This had been permitted by B&NES.

Methodist Church

This will be sent back supported by the PC.

Cllr Hallam had received a number of e-mails about this from a local parishioner. These will be put in the circulation folder. Cllr Hallam will speak to the Planning Officer about this application as there were questions about certain aspects regarding the sale of the Church.

9. The Glebe

Cllr Hallam and Weiss will undertake the quarterly inspection, which was overdue. Cllr Haley will provide the inspection forms. Also see 1. Open session.


10. Parish Hall car park/Parish Hall

Amenity Area/ Cross/B.T Box/Verge

Parish Hall car park

The PC will order a grit bin for the corner of Walnut Tree Close.

Confirmation had been received that the tree work will be done shortly. 

Parish Hall

Quotes for remedial work to the drain had been received and a more detailed estimate had been obtained. It was agreed that the contractor could go ahead with the work. The cost including VAT is £400. Cllr Weiss will confirm with the contractor.

Cllr Weiss had attended the HMC meeting on 6th January 2016 and advised that the HMC wanted to put in another set of patio doors to possibly include a paved area opening on to the Amenity Area. Drawings had been prepared and a planning application will be submitted. The residents of Walnut Tree Close had all received letters about the proposal prior to Christmas. The Clerk advised that the residents had a number of questions which will be raised with the HMC, particularly regarding concerns over usage.   

Amenity Area

See item 10 parish Hall. 

Cross/B.T Box

Thanks were expressed to Steve Blyth for dealing with the electrics for the Christmas tree and to Cllrs who had helped putting up the tree. 


There was nothing to report.


11. Parish Sweeper

The Clerk had completed and returned the sweeper questionnaire.

The sweeper will be asked to bag sweepings around the drain by the bus stop on the A368. These can be left here for Highways to collect at the clerk’s request.


12. Meetings attended


Cllr Holt had attended the CVNP meeting held on 14th December 2015. See Item 8. CVNP.  

Cllr Weiss had attended the HMC meeting held on 6th January 2016. See item 10. Parish Hall.

In Prospect

CVNP meeting to be held on 18th January 2016. Cllr Holt will attend.


13. Date of next meeting 

4th February 2016 at 8pm 


Chairman Wesley Hallam Tel 463509

Clerk Lesley Matthews Tel 463858

E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.