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UPC Minutes 12th Nov 2020

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UPC Minutes 12th Nov 2020



held on Thursday 12th  November 2020

The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 (“the 2020 Regulations”) came into force on the 4 April 2020.

The 2020 Regulations enable Parish Councils to hold remote meetings (including by video and telephone conferencing for a specified period until May 2021).










Councillors.W Hallam (in the Chair), P. Collins (Vice Chair)

A.Cole, C. Moore, J. Croot, Y. Thompson

Clerk – Corinna Levack







To receive and accept apologies for absence



Cllr M. Smart






To receive declarations of interest in the agenda



None received






Open session to receive comments from the public



None present






To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meeting held on 8th October 2020 and go through the follow-up actions



The minutes were duly approved and signed in due course.



Matters Arising :

Matters arising not named on the agenda included :

  • 5 b iv – Memorial Bench – Site visit will be made week commencing 16th November
  • 9 iii – Access to the Glebe Field – discussed here under 6e Budget Planning 











Clerk’s report/correspondence: To discuss and approve further actions where needed:



Internal Matters



Staff Contracts           

The Staff Committee has not yet had its Terms of Reference agreed by the council.  The Council asked the Clerk to amend and re-draft her contract to include the rate of pay being guided by NJC as well as NALC, and to update the holiday entitlement for approval and signing by the Chairman.

The sweeper’s contract was raised and not discussed.








Request for grant to be made to Midsomer Norton & Radstock Dial a ride

Council approved unanimously a grant of £50 and resolved to plan for a funding stream for donations in the forthcoming budget planning.









Financial Statements

These were approved.  The Clerk added that it is time to invoice the school for their use of the Glebe Field




To Confirm Payments and the Signing of Cheques

These were approved.



Banking and Accounting Arrangements

Application for new accounts with Triodos awaited




National Pay Awards for Clerks

The council unanimously approved the NJC agreed increase of 28p per hour taking the pay to £10.65 per hour back dated to 1.4.20



Budget Planning

Figures were presented showing two past years and proposals for 2021-2.  Areas requiring further clarification included :

  • Glebe rent – likely to stay the same until 2023
  • Website – the set up and running cost look likely to be around £900 for the first year and £300 pa subsequently
  • Play Area – equipment insurance is likely to increase the council’s premium but due to the pandemic plans have slowed
  • Glebe entrance improvement Phase 1 – likely to cost around £900 of which £500 would be covered by the Councillors Discretionary Grant.  Agreement for the work has been given by the Diocese via their agents.  Council approved the starting of the work.
  • Glebe entrance Phase 2 – the council are negotiating with B&NES to use s106 funds.  Site visit to be arranged to discuss details and funding.

Budget planning has to be completed at the January meeting of the council.

























Planning Application 20/01408/VAR

This has been deferred to a further meeting of the B&NES Planning Committee


Planning Application 20/02909/FUL

Permitted and the property is up for sale.


Planning Application 20/3540/FUL

Decision awaited



New Applications









The Website



On the basis of a comprehensive report the Council unanimously agreed to sign up with Netwise UK for a new website with a support contract.





To receive an update from the District Councillor



None received






Local Projects




The grant agreed at the last meeting has been reported to PCAA who were very pleased for the support.  The cheque will be sent 13.11.20.






Climate Emergency

The Chew Valley Climate Change group is meeting 26.11.20.

Ubley’s position on Climate Change is going to be shared in The Link





Chew Valley Forum

The council received a comprehensive report on the meetings coverage of the local public health situation, B&NES position on Climate change and the Ecological Emergency, and activity local to the Chew Valley





Drainage and Flooding

Flooding issues opposite Bell House and on Cleeve Hill heading East have been reported to “Fix My Street”.  Residents and Councillors are keeping an eye on the field south of Innicks Close in case of flooding issues.




The Lockdown

Councillors have been circulated with updates from ALCA





Concerns about parking blocking access to roadways near the Tuckers Lane junction have been reported.  The concern is that emergency and utility vehicles would have their access impeded.  Circulate a leaflet to encourage safer parking.



Clerk & WH






To elect the Chairman of the Council

Councillor Hallam resigned as Chairman of Ubley Parish Council.  He thanked fellow councillors for their support and energy in seeing through many projects in the village.  He will continue to be a member of the Parish Council for the foreseeable future.  Thanks were passed to him for his eleven years of dedicated service as Chairman.


It was then proposed seconded and unanimously agreed that Councillor Collins should be the new Chairman of Ubley Parish Council. It was acknowledged that due to Covid 19 restrictions the Declaration of Acceptance of Office will be signed by Councillor Collins whilst on zoom and the original copy returned to the Clerk.


The newly-elected Chairman then took over the Chairmanship of the meeting.














To review Councillor roles and to elect representatives to them.  (A list of these roles is available from the Clerk)



The urgent need to do this has been occasioned by the resignation of Councillor Moore who was warmly thanked for his responsiveness and attention to detail.


It was agreed to fill some immediate roles at this meeting.  The remainder will be reviewed at the December meeting.  The roles that were filled were :

  • Vice Chairman – Proposed, seconded and unanimously elected – Cllr Jeff Croot.  Councillor Croot to be issued with a Declaration of Acceptance of Office after the Zoom meeting and the original signed copy to be returned to the Clerk.
  • Defibrillator – Cllr Croot will take over this role after conducting the December check alongside C.Moore
















To agree a co-option process for a casual vacancy




There is now a vacancy for a councillor and the possibility of a second thereafter.  Councillors were invited to seek out interest in residents and to advertise the vacancy in Ubley Martins, The Link and through word of mouth.







To confirm the date of the next meeting :




All meetings to be held remotely until further notice.

Thursday 10th December 2020

 Thursday 14th January 2021


Joining details will be published with the Agenda by 4th December and 7th January 2021.  In the meantime, please contact the Clerk if you have any questions about attendance.