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UPC Minutes 10th Sept 2020

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UPC Minutes 10th Sept 2020



held on Thursday 10h September 2020

The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020 (“the 2020 Regulations”) came into force on the 4 April 2020.

The 2020 Regulations enable Parish Councils to hold remote meetings (including by video and telephone conferencing for a specified period until May 2021).










Councillors.W Hallam (in the Chair), P. Collins (Vice Chair)

Y. Thompson, A. Cole, C. Moore.

PC Jon Beswetherick, Police Beat Manager

One member of the public

Clerk – Corinna Levack






To receive and accept apologies for absence



Apologies for absence :–

Cllrs M. Smart,  J. Croot; District Councillor V. Pritchard






To receive declarations of interest in the agenda



None received






Open session to receive comments from the public



The parishioner present asked to listen.






To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meeting held on 13th August 2020 and go through the follow-up actions



These were duly approved and signed.



Matters Arising :

5(iv) Parish Hall – the Clerk is still awaiting an update on the Hall’s Covid secure arrangements.  Council agreed to continue to meet via zoom in light of the anticipated pandemic situation.

7(a)  The Clerk is still awaiting clarification.






Clerk’s report/correspondence: To discuss and approve further actions where needed:



Internal Matters



Standing Orders

Advice from ALCA regarding several points was accepted and the new draft Standing Orders were approved unanimously.  Scheduled for review in May 2021.



Staff Contracts           

This was not dealt with due to the meeting being timed out and Cllr Smart being unable to attend.






Email regarding baders – dealt with under the police report



CPRE – magazine and update

This was not dealt with due to the meeting being timed out.  The Clerk has circulated information to Councillors.









Matters Arising from adopting the new Financial Regulations 



It was proposed that the councillor who undertakes the periodic review of finances is not included on the list of signatories on the new bank account in line with the Financial Regulations.



Financial Statements

After some glitches, it is hoped that a new version of the spreadsheet will be available to Councillors next month.  In the meantime a simplified version has been circulated.

The Clerk explained the AGAR had been submitted by recorded delivery and been lost by the Post Office.  A complaint has been lodged.  The AGAR has now been submitted electronically as well.

Councillors Discretionary Fund

Cllr Hallam had circulated proposals for the improvement of the access to the Glebe Field which were approved by all present and quotations will be sought; liaison with the Diocese will be effected












To Confirm Payments and the Signing of Cheques

These were approved.

HMRC are suggesting there is a problem with the Council’s PAYE.  Dealing with the discrepancy is in hand.  Details to be circulated to Councillors



Banking and accounting arrangements  

A comprehensive lists of services offered by several banks had been circulated and was discussed.  A short list of Unity Trust and Triodos Banks was agreed will be investigated further to assist the choice of the best fit for the Council to enable online banking.









(This item was taken early in the meeting to ensure it was not affected by any time out.)






Planning Application 20/02555/FUL – Approved by B&NES

Planning Application 20/01408/VAR – Planning committee decision is now three weeks late.



New Applications



Planning Application 20/02911/TCA

Approved unanimously



Planning Application 20/02903/FUL – Ubley Wood

Approved unanimously



Planning Application 20/02909/FUL – Corner Cottage

Revised plans were submitted on the day of the meeting and were discussed.

The Council agreed unanimously to object on four grounds



Local Partial Plan Update



Details have been circulated.  The council resolved on no action at present.






The Website



The Council approved the plan to seek quotes for setting up a new accessible and compliant website.  New website may cost £500 - £1000







To receive an update from the District Councillor



No District Councillors were able to be present due to a timetable clash with another meeting.






To Receive an Update from the Local Police Beat Manager

(This item was taken early to enable PC Beswetherick to attend to other matters)



There have been some thefts from a local business.  Councillors gave their thanks for the timely response of the police to this matter.  Other incidents have included reports of suspicious behaviour, allegation of assault and theft.  There has been no increase in crime.  Local officers now have their own speed gun which has started to be deployed.

Any local agricultural disturbances will be dealt with by the relevant specialist teams.






Reports from Local Meetings



Parish Council Airport Association (PCAA)

The airport is planning to appeal against the decision to refuse their expansion plans and the PCAA are seeking financial support for their own legal representation in any appeal.  Councillors agreed to canvas parishioners views informally regarding a small donation from the Ubley Parish Council


All Councillors


Climate Emergency

No Briefing from Cllr Croot who was unable to attend.  Councillors agreed to defer to the next meeting



Covid 19 - Planning



Reports from B&NES have been circulated by Cllr Moore and the Clerk


Note :

The meeting was cut short after 40 minutes and Cllr Cole and a member of the public were unable to rejoin.  The meeting reconvened with Cllrs Hallam, Thompson, Moore, and Collins, and the Clerk for a further 40 minutes when it was once more cut short.

After the first interruption there was a brief discussion about the merits and costs of buying a Zoom subscription to enable longer meetings.






To confirm the date of the next meeting :




A further Virtual Meeting to be held on Zoom.

Thursday 8th October 2020

[ And subsequently probably on

Thursday 12th November 2020 ]


Joining details will be published with the Agenda by 2nd October and 6th November.  In the meantime, please contact the Clerk if you have any questions about attendance.