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UPC Minutes 6th February 2020

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UPC Minutes 6th February 2020



held on Thursday 6th February 2020










Councillors Hallam (Charirman), Collins (Vice Chairman), Cole, Thompson, Croot, and Smart.

Clerk – Corinna Levack

District Councillor – Vic Pritchard



To receive and accept apologies for absence



Apologies for absence :–

Clr Moore



To receive declarations of interest in the agenda



None were received



Open session to receive comments from the public



No members of the public were present.



To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meeting held on 9th January 2020 and go through the follow-up actions



These were duly approved and signed.

Actions indicated on the minutes are contained in the agenda and minutes for this meeting.



Clerk’s report/correspondence: To discuss and approve further actions where needed:



Establishing a Personnel Committee  

The Committee will meet at 7.30pm on Thursday 20th February.

Clrs Smart, Collins and Hallam



Risk Register

Clr Thompson was thanked for the adapted Risk Assessment Schedule she had produced.  Not everyone had had time to reflect on it so all to read and discuss for a decision at the next meeting.

Councillors and Clerk


Asset Register

Compilation is proceeding well.  Final data will be submitted before the next meeting to be in place in time for the Annual Meeting and insurance renewal.


Clrs Hallam and Smart


Climate Emergency activities

Agreed to invite a B&NES officer to speak at the Annual Parish meeting to explain the benefits of declaring a climate emergency and outlining possible ways forward in a rural village.

Approved Clr Croot to take a lead role in the Council on this topic.








Clr Croot


Records Retention Policy

This policy was duly approved and adopted by the Council






Financial Statement

This was approved with a request that the Clerk re-label one item .



To confirm payments and the signing of cheques.

All agreed



CIL Money

Confirmed there is £13 000 s.106 funds held by the Highways department for Ubley

There is £836 CIL money held by the Parish Council to be spent by 31.3.21

The council will explore using these funds in conjunction with B&NES to create a pavement outside the Parish Hall to protect pedestrians at a sharp corner in the road; and to improve the gateway (gates and surface) to the Glebe Field

It was agreed that the works to the phone box should be set against the remaining CEF fund.






Clr Hallam will obtain some figures


B&NES Budget Update

No one was able to attend the B&NES meetings



Bank Account signatories

The bank has asked that a third form be completed.  The Clerk is writing to complain about the delay in effecting the change in signatories. 

The Council resolved that the name of Dr Philip Collins should be added as a signatory to the Ubley Parish Council’s NatWest bank accounts.  The remaining Signatories : Mr W. Hallam, Mrs Y. Thompson, Mr A. Cole, Mr C.Moore, and Mr M.Smart should remain as signatories.  The Council would like the monthly bank statement to be sent to the address of the new Clerk, Ms SCG Levack






To receive updates on The Village Plan / Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan (CVNP) 

There has been no progress on the CVNP and concern was expressed at the prospect of losing all the work that had been done on this topic.      



Community Transport Proposal

The discussion document will be circulated to to the seven parishes in the CVNP


Clr Collins


Planning Applications

None this month.

The Chair of the B&NES Planning Committee visited the village last month by invitation of the Council and was shown around the whole village and in particular Squire Lane with reference to the recent planning applications and decisions.  It is hoped that there will be an improved awareness on the committee and planning department of the qualities and issues in the village.



Parish Council Airports Association

The PCAA is growing and has been organising opposition to expansion prior to an important North Somerset Council meeting shortly.



Feedback from the ALCA Meeting

Councillors had been circulated with updates on :

  • The Parish Charter
  • Reorganisation in the Roadworks dept of B&NES
  • Climate Emergency activities
  • Street Lighting issues
  • The new Planning Portal
  • Agenda items requested for the Parish Liaison meeting

Details available from the Clerk


Parish Hall Storage

The Council will ask Clr Moore to feedback to the Parish Hall that the Council would be in favour of creating additional storage in principle but would expect to be included in the planning and decision making.

Clr Moore


To receive an update on Highways issues, speed limits and signposts etc.




All currently working well.  The unsettled weather shortly will test the recent repairs.  Councillors were pleased with the responsiveness of the B&NES officers they have been working with over this issue.




Christmas Tree

Payments mostly in hand; awaiting invoice for the tree itself.



External Lighting at Ubley School

The school is keen to improve lighting at the gate entrance following a recent incident involving a child after dark.  The Council were broadly supportive of making the access safer and would like to be included on the decision making about the exact choice of low level non intrusive lighting.



Clr Croot


Dog Poo

The Council continue to monitor the need for an appropriate bin at the Western end of The Street. 




Hazards at Wells Road / A368 crossroads.

This was an emergency agenda item as a result of two Councillors on separate recent occasions having very near misses at this junction due to other vehicles not stopping when crossing the A368.

The Council supported the request that B&NES to renew the now very faded white lines at the junction and to request that B&NES install warning give way signs at a distance before the junction as well as at the junction.

Clr Hallam


To receive an update from the Police and Neighbourhood Watch



No report from the police

No report from Neighbourhood Watch



To receive an update from the District Councillor



Clr Pritchard gave updates on :

  • The B&NES budget
  • The Joint Spatial Plan
  •  District Councillors discretionary budget
  • How he may be able to advise and assist on responding to planning applications

The Council resolved to obtain quotes for the costs of

  • Re-painting the finger post and phone box (latter by Councillors work party)
  • Improving access to the Glebe Field

With a view to accessing funds from the discretionary budget.











Clr Hallam


Grounds and Facilities



The Glebe Field Lease

No update on the lease and the H&S assessment not yet complete.


Clr Smart


Diseased Tree near the Parish Hall

Councillors are assessing the safest way to proceed.


Cllrs Hallam and Cole


Burial Ground Tidy up

Councillors will support this activity.



Play Area and 8th May Celebrations

The Play Area Group are working hard on fundraising and planning to manage the development in two phases.  The Council resolved to support them running a fundraising street event in the village on 8th May.



The Phone box and storage at the Hall were covered in 6(c) and 8(b) above respectively




To confirm the date of the next meeting :




Thursday 5th March 2020

at 7.30pm

at Ubley Parish Hall





And to give advance notice of :





The Annual Parish Meeting

will take place on


at 8pm

preceded by a short

Parish Council Meeting

at 7pm





The Annual Parish Council Meeting

(for the election of officers etc)

will take place on









Financial Statement over ….


Ubley Parish Council

Financial Statement as at 6th February 2020



1)    Current A/C Balance.

B/f from JANUARY  (24.1.20):                                             £    6979.89

            Less payments to be agreed at Parish Council meeting (6.2.20)    

                                                                                                            £     680.43 


            Less unpresented cheques                                                    -£      48.00     


                                                                        Sub Total                    £   6251.46   

            + Income Received :   Ubley Primary School         

                                                            Glebe Field rent                      £     £225.00

                                                                        C/acc  balance           £    6476.46 


2)    Reserve A/C Opening Balance 31.12.19 :                           £   8 057.36

Interest                                                            1.37

Balance at 24.1.20                                   8 058.73


Total present available funds balance                                   £ 14 535.19












Cont’d over …..











Details of the cheques:  


Unpresented cheques as of 24.1.20 :




Cheque Number








Room hire – Parish Hall    Oct- Dec








Cheque payments to be agreed at Parish Council Meeting 6.2.20:                                                   


Cheque number



Spend to date

( inc these payments) vs budget




Ken Jones

Sweeper salary

£2510 net – On track




Corinna Levack

Clerk’s salary

£2816 net – on track




WH - for Leaving present for former Clerk

Allocated to seasonal plant budget stream * see below




WH – hardware for improvements to electricity supply for Christmas Tree

*Heading for £78 overspend once Xmas tree invoice has arrived.  No funds remaining of sum allocated for Spring planting before April





Electrical supply for Christmas Tree





DM Payroll Services – ½ year payment

On track




CL for Office expenses (office)

-       Notebooks

-       RecDel charge

-       Printer ink

# All office expenses at £197.48 – no funding stream had been allocated.  Large expense was £108 for job advert.  £150 allowed for next year





Awaiting :

-Christmas tree invoice

-Norton Virus protection sub


Prepared by Corinna Levack, Clerk and RFO, on 6th February 2020