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UPC Minutes 4th April 2019

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UPC Minutes 4th April 2019

Draft Minutes of the short meeting of Ubley Parish Council and the Annual Parish Meeting held on Thursday, 4th April 2019



Present: Councillors: Hallam (Chairman), Collins (Vice-chairman), Cole, Haley, Moore and Smart.

Clerk: Mrs H Collins

District Councillor: Vic Pritchard




1)      To receive and accept apologies for absence

        Apologies: Cllrs Thompson. Received and accepted. 




2)    To receive declaration of interest in the agenda

  Cllr Moore declared his interest in item 7b, which is his application.





3)      To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meeting held on 7th March

The Minutes and the Financial Statement attached to it were approved. The Minutes were signed, and the Financial Statement initialled by the Chairman. The actions from those minutes were gone through to ensure that they had been done or were in the process of being done.








4)      Clerk’s report/correspondence: To discuss and approve further actions where needed:

a)      Election update

The Clerk confirmed that the election of Parish Councillors was uncontested and that those nominated are hereby declared elected without contest.


b)      Update on the plants for the front of the Parish Hall

The Chairman of the Parish Hall Committee and a parishioner have met with Gavin English regarding the plants. Cllr Moore has offered to water the plants and agreed that not having a water tap at the front of the Hall will not be a problem.










Cllr Moore has volunteered to ensure that the plants are watered

5)      Projects

a)      An update on the Play area

There has been a meeting on the Glebe Field. The drop-in open meeting in the Church was held and there was a lot of support with only one negative comment. Cllr Collins is asking B&NES about the possible need for planning and whether Pre-application 1 or 2 would be required. The Parish Council will put through the planning application as they are owners of the Lease. There will be a Pre-application service fee.


Cllr Smart reported that his contact at Greenslade, Taylor, Hunt is open to discussions with the Diocese regarding the extension of the lease.



Cllr Collins to put through the planning application regarding the Play area.




6)      Finances

  1. a.       Financial statement

The Financial statement was approved by the Council.


  1. b.      To confirm payments and signing of cheques (see financial statement)

The Council confirmed the payment of the cheques noted in the Financial Statement and the cheques were duly signed at the end of the meeting.

  1. c.       To discuss and decide on a pay- rise for the Clerk in line with the NALC pay award

There was a unanimous vote to approve the pay-rise for the Clerk as shown in the NALC new pay scales document. The Parish Council agreed that the Clerk should now be paid on the new pay scale 8, which is £10.37 per hour.













The Clerk to notify the Payroll service of this change.

7)      Planning

  1. a.       To receive updates on The Village Plan/Place-making Plan/CVNP

The CVNP meeting had been postponed, therefore no update has been received.

A response has been submitted regarding the Draft Local Transport Plan 4.


  1. b.      Other planning:  To discuss and decide the Parish Council’s response to the following applications:
    1. 1.       19/01244/TCA  Old Mead, The Street, Ubley

All Parish Councillors were in support of this application. Cllr Moore was not involved in this vote as it was his application as declared earlier.


  1. c.       An update from the PCAA meeting held on Thursday, 28th March

The Airport Expansion Plans are not tied in with the Local Transport Plan.

An application has been made for a Park and Ride at Junction 21 on the M5 to the Airport. A new body has been set up to look at Airport Noise. The Chairman of this new body has been to Bristol Airport and now has a contact with the PCAA.


  1. d.      An ad hoc update re Truespeed

Cllr Collins had sent an email to the Community Growth Manager who had said that she would set up a meeting within a week regarding the cabinet on Innicks Close. The Primary School is now connected and the Hall is “at the top of the list” for connection.





8)      To confirm the date of the next meetings

The next meetings will be held on Thursday 9th May 2019 (Annual General Meeting) and Thursday 6th June.









The Annual Parish Meeting followed the Business meeting and was attended by six Councillors, District Councillor Pritchard and 13 Parishioners.


The Chairman welcomed all present and gave his report. It had been a very busy and productive year with several projects having been worked through as well as the day to day business of Council. Five kissing gates have been replaced at no cost to the Parish and work has been done in conjunction with B&NES in improving the flow of surface water through the drains. The grass cutting contract was put out to tender, as this is a major expense and we have a new company appointed for the coming year. The emphasis this year will be on looking to increase the work of volunteers from the village to help with general maintenance work and to bolster a community spirit.


The Play Area Working group has come out of the wish of parishioners not just for a play area for pre-school children and their parents but also as a meeting place for anyone in the village. This would make more use of the Glebe Field which we rent from the Diocese.


The Chairman officially welcomed Matt Smart as a new Councillor and thanked Tim Haley for his work on the Parish Council – he is stepping down prior to the May Elections. The Chairman was also able to welcome Jeff Croot, who will be joining the Parish Council shortly after the May elections, which are uncontested.


The Clerk gave a short report (the Chairman having covered most of the items of interest) and then presented the Financial Report; hard copies of which were circulated at the meeting. The Parish Council are looking to increase their Reserves in line with best practice and in readiness for the continuing devolvement of services from B&NES.


We were very pleased to welcome Jon Beswetherick, the new Police Beat Manager for the Chew Valley. He highlighted recent crimes locally but was also able to discuss new initiatives. The team are continuing high-visibility, pro-active patrols in Ubley and the wider Chew Valley area. There is also a ‘Farmwatch’ co-ordinator, PCSO 8079 Bragg, and anyone who farms locally, should contact him.


The next report was from Jane Bailey, the new Head teacher of Ubley Primary School. Unfortunately she could not attend the meeting and so her report was read out by the Clerk. Mrs Bailey is the shared Head of both Ubley and East Harptree Primary Schools and this has led to closer working between the two and a sharing of resources and experiences to the benefit of both.


The next report was from District Cllr Pritchard. He discussed the on-going financial constraints for the Council. Despite these B&NES has been awarded some very high Ofsted ratings for its services, especially for education and children’s services. The change in the waste collection service has also proved beneficial with a reduction in the amount of rubbish collected and a corresponding increase in recycling and food waste volumes collected.


The Parochial Church Council report was delivered by Mrs Claire Pearson. In March building work for Ubley Church Facilities Project began, and this was completed by late summer, with a formal opening ceremony held in October.  The installation of toilet and baby-changing facilities as well as the completion of the hospitality unit means that the Church will be able to be used for more group activities and will be an asset for the whole community.


The Hall Committee report was delivered by Mr. Steve Blanchard its out-going Chairman. The Parish Council Chairman thanked Steve for all his hard work over the past two decades and welcomed Ian Harvey who will be the new Chairman following their AGM in April. The number of weekend private functions has fallen and so the Committee will be looking to improve this over the coming year. However, the Parish Hall is well used by locals and the finances are in good shape.


The Clerk read out the Neighbourhood Watch Report from Councillor Yvonne Thompson which highlighted the problem of scams and fraudsters and the importance of all parishioners to be wary of unexpected callers. Though there have been some thefts and vehicle damage in the Chew Valley area, the only reported crime in Ubley was a theft from an outbuilding.


She also read out the Report from the Second Poor Charity. Which in part read “A total of £530 was given to 4 recipients.  Leaving a balance going forward of £326.56. Thanks were given to Mrs Jean Holbrook for all her time and effort spent on the charity. “


The Vice-Chairman delivered an update on the ongoing actions from the Village Plan. Many of the topics that had been highlighted have been or are in the process of being actioned. However, there are also some long-standing issues that have still not been resolved despite the best efforts of the Parish Council.


The Chairman closed the meeting by thanking everyone for their input.

The Reports will be available on the Parish website –






Chairman: Wesley Hallam Tel: 01761 463509

Clerk: Mrs Hilary Collins Tel: 01761 462294

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.