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UPC Minutes 4th July 2019

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UPC Minutes 4th July 2019

 Minutes of the Meeting of Ubley Parish Council on 4th July 2019



Present: Councillors: Hallam (Chairman), Collins (Vice-Chairman), Cole, Moore and Thompson.

Clerk: Mrs H Collins


District Councillor: Vic Pritchard



  1. 1.       To receive and accept apologies for absence

Apologies had been received and accepted from Councillors Croot and Smart. Apologies had also been received from Police Beat Manager Jon Beswetherick.



  1. 2.       To receive declarations of interest in the agenda

None declared.



  1. 3.       Open session to receive comments from the public

No Parishioners were present at the meeting.



  1. 4.       To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meeting held on 6th June

These were duly approved and signed. The actions were read out to check whether they had been completed.







  1. 5.       Clerk’s report/correspondence: To discuss and approve further actions where needed:

a)      Register of Members’ Interests forms

Councillors were reminded that they should complete a new “Register of Members’ Interests” form and let the Clerk have it as soon as possible so that it can be put on the website. There may need to be some redaction of information where Councillors do not wish specific information to be published.


b)      Risk Register

The Clerk requested help from the Parish Council in deciding the format of their new Risk Register.






c)       Email accounts, Roles and Responsibilities

There are still several Councillors who are not “live” on their Parish Council email accounts.

There was discussion about who should take responsibility for the website for the Parish Council. Cllr Moore reported that the Parish Hall Committee do not contribute financially to the website at present.







d)      Clerk vacancy – an update

An advert for this positon has gone into the Gazette and The Link. It has also been sent to ALCA.














Cllr Thompson will review a possible template and report back at the September meeting



Cllr Moore to ask Andy Charter about the process that the Parish hall Committee use to update their webpages






Cllr Collins to put the advert on the “Ubley Martins” Facebook page


6.    To receive an update on Highways issues, speed limits and signposts

a)      Update on bins

Both bins are now in place in the lay-bys on the A368 and are being emptied.


b)      Update on footpaths

The steps in the field opposite Ubley Garage are to be worked on this Summer. The Chairman has put new dog-fouling signs on all the kissing gates in the Parish. He has received an email that there is Japanese Knotweed in the field to the east of The Street.







The Chairman to set up a Working Party to continue the work on gully- clearance and to start work on the Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knotweed

  1. 7.         To receive an update from the Police Report/Neighbourhood Watch

There was no report from the Police.


Cllr Thompson reported the following incidents:

A witness appeal for a collision in Bath, an attempted burglary in Woolard, damage to a garage door in Bishop Sutton and a break-in on the High Street in Chew Magna where items were stolen from a garage.


The Police have issued a warning to the public to not leave their doors and windows open during the hot weather.


Cllr Cole reported that Ubley Garage had recently had a ‘drive away’ where a tank of fuel was stolen. The Police said they couldn’t chase this up.





  1. 8.              To receive an update from District Councillor Vic Pritchard

The Inspector in Bath has requested a quarterly meeting with “prominent people” to discuss what people want from the Police.

The “Clean Air” Policy is being revisited, though the process of implementing it is still progressing to agreed time-scales.

The District Council’s budget is still that set by the previous administration but there is another £10 million of savings to be made.

Parishes are being asked to help fund Youth-worker provision as this has now ceased from B&NES. The use of CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) money held for the CVNP (Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan) area could be used for this if Parishes agree and they could then become commissioners of the service.



  1. 9.         Finances

a) Financial statement

The Financial Statement was shared with the Parish Council. The Statement now includes information tracking expenditure to date against the budget.


b) To confirm payments and signing of cheques

The payments recorded in the Financial Statement were agreed by all Councillors and the cheques were duly signed after the meeting.


c)       Review of Budget and Spend to date

The Clerk had previously sent out a table showing the spend to date against the Budget set. Unfortunately no invoices have been received from West Country Groundcare Ltd as yet.


The “miscellaneous” section of the budget is overspent and indicates that the allocation of funds to this should be much higher in the next budget.

There was some discussion about the spending of Ubley Parish Council CIL money. A suggestion was made that some of the funds could be spent on a new wooden gate and easier pedestrian access for the Glebe Field.


d)      Insurance: An update on the annual review and work going forward

Councillor Moore is working with Andy Charter of the Parish Hall Committee on ensuring that the two organisations are covering all Insurance needs between the two Policies.












The Chairman will contact the company about the invoices

  1. 10.     Defibrillator: To receive an update

The date of the Defibrillator training has been set as Friday 27th September at 7pm.



Information about the training to be included in the Short Report and across the other channels of communication

  1. 11.   Planning

a)      To receive updates on The Village Plan/Place-making Plan/CVNP

The next meeting of the CVNP is on the 15th July. Minutes from the previous meeting have been received.


b)      To receive an update on the Play Area including progress on the Lease of the Glebe Field

The Play Area group is beginning to raise money. They will be holding a Street Party on September 8th from 2-4:30pm. They also have an article about the Group in the Gazette.

The Lease for the Glebe Field runs out in 2023. The Parish Council are looking to reach an agreement with the Diocese to bring forward the date for the extension of the Lease.


c)       To receive an update on the  PCAA

The PCAA have joined with “Crowd Justice” and are looking to engage a leading barrister for their activity against the Bristol Airport expansion planning application. The next meeting is on the 18th July.


















  1. 12.   Grounds Maintenance

Some hedges are getting very overgrown on The Street in Ubley.

Councillor Moore has the Land Certificate for the Amenity Area and has managed to contact the current landowners of the verge behind the Amenity Area fence.  They have agreed to advise their Highways and Maintenance Department that the verge needs cutting. B&NES Highways department have confirmed that this is the landowner’s responsibility.



A reminder to Parishioners re hedge cutting to be put in the Short Report

  1. 13.   Truespeed – to receive an update

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman met with residents in Innicks Close who would still like the cabinet to be moved. The Chairman has spoken to Gavin English re screening. The Vice-Chairman has continued the dialogue with Curo and Truespeed about the siting of the cabinet and has told both the Parish Council will submit a Freedom of Information request if the information is not forthcoming. At the time of the meeting Curo have not found a record of who replied to Truespeed last year.


It is felt that the siting of the cabinet goes against the guidelines set in the Town and Country Planning Act.




  1. 14.   To receive an update on the Parish Hall

The next meeting will be on the 17th July and Councillor Moore will bring up the subject of a water butt, to aid watering of the new planters at the front of the Hall.




  1. 15.   To receive reports from Councillors who have attended meetings or training sessions.

CVNP meeting 17.06.19

-          Jon Mitchell of West Harptree was elected as the new Chairman

-          All the other Parishes have more than one representative. Ubley is the only exception

-          It was agreed that gaining control and managing CIL money was a key priority for the Group

-          The group also agreed to prepare for a five-year review of the CVNP taking into account the B&NES new draft local plan

-          Dates for the following meetings are 15th July and 16th September






  1. 16.   Dates of next meetings


The next meeting will be on Thursday 5th September. Start time - 7.30pm.


Chairman: Wesley Hallam  Tel: 01761 463509

Clerk: Mrs Hilary Collins Tel: 01761 462294

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.