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UPC Minutes 5th September 2019

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UPC Minutes 5th September 2019

 Minutes of the Meeting of Ubley Parish Council on 5th September 2019



Present: Councillors: Hallam (Chairman), Collins (Vice-Chairman), Cole, Croot, Moore, Smart and Thompson.

Clerk: Mrs H Collins

New Clerk: Mrs C Levack


District Councillor: Vic Pritchard



  1. 1.       To receive and accept apologies for absence

Apologies had been received from Police Beat Manager Jon Beswetherick.



  1. 2.       To receive declarations of interest in the agenda

None declared.



  1. 3.       Open session to receive comments from the public

No Parishioners were present at the meeting but several Councillors had been contacted by parishioners regarding overgrown vegetation in Back Lane and the corner of Walnut Tree Close. (See section 12 for more on Walnut Tree Close)



Cllr Coles to ask the landowner about Back Lane.


  1. 4.       To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meetings held on 4th and 25th July.

These were duly approved and signed. The actions were read out to check whether they had been completed.




Cllr Smart to ensure that all Councillors have access to their Parish Council email accounts


  1. 5.       Clerk’s report/correspondence: To discuss and approve further actions where needed:

a)      Update on filling Clerk vacancy

The newly-appointed Clerk was introduced to the Councillors and welcomed to the Parish Council. She will be taking over her duties from the 1st November.


b)      Update on Risk Register

Councillor Thompson had reviewed a possible template for the Risk Register. Some items were not applicable to Ubley but otherwise she felt it would be a useful template to use.



c)       Update on purchase of village maintenance equipment

The remaining CEF money is to be spent on village maintenance equipment such as high vis jackets, storage crates and possibly long – loppers for hedges and trees.
















Cllr Thompson to circulate to Cllrs





Cllr Collins to investigate these and circulate options








6.    To receive an update on Highways issues, speed limits and signposts

a) Update on speed limits through the village

The contact in B&NES for the installation of the speed limits through the village has now changed to Sadie Cox, who is on annual leave this week.





b) Update on footpaths

Cllr Hallam reported that he had cut back overgrown vegetation around gates and stiles on walks in the fields around the village.

Parishioners /walkers were encouraged to help to keep back the rapid-growing brambles and nettle


Sheila Petherbridge from B&NES has said that a contractor paid for by B&NES will install the steps necessary on the Hazel Manor walk in the field above Cleeve Hill.


The problem of Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knotweed was again discussed.









Cllr Smart reported that a parishioner had had a problem with “excitable bullocks “ in a field down Snatch Lane and there is also a possible problem with electric fencing in the same area impeding progress along footpaths.






There is also a reported problem with access to a field behind Stilemead Lane.




Cllr Collins to email Cllrs with an update






The Chairman and Vice-Chairman to head up a working party to remove the Himalayan Balsam behind Innicks Close






The Chairman to talk to the landowner of a field where Japanese Knotweed is present




Cllr Moore agreed to check if the electric fencing is still causing a problem




The Chairman will investigate this

  1. 7.         To receive an update from the Police Report/Neighbourhood Watch

A written report from the Police was read out. It highlighted car thefts.





Cllr Thompson read out the Neighbourhood Watch information which highlighted recent thefts in the area – all vehicle related, plus the arrest of three suspects in Bath on drugs offences.



The Clerk to circulate the report to Councillors via email


  1. 8.              To receive an update from District Councillor Vic Pritchard

Will Godfrey will replace Ashley Ayre as the Chief Executive of Bath and North East Somerset Council.


District Councillor Pritchard reports that the Joint Spatial Plan has been withdrawn on the advice of the Inspector. We have no guidance from B&NES on this at present.


Transport issues are continuing to be looked at locally, with a recent survey having been sent from Stowey Sutton into B&NES.



  1. 9.         Finances

a) Financial statement

The Financial Statement was shared with the Parish Council. The “Spend to Date” for Grass cutting is already within a few hundred pounds of the agreed budget.








b) To confirm payments and signing of cheques

The payments recorded in the Financial Statement were agreed by all Councillors and the cheques were duly signed after the meeting.




The Chairman will write to the contractor with a revised schedule


Several Councillors have agreed to help with grass cutting in the short term





  1. 10.     Defibrillator: To receive an update

Councillor Moore will order the new battery and pads at the end of the month, so they are ready for the defibrillator. He will also organise an electrician to repair the green light above the defibrillator. All Councillors were in agreement with these actions.




  1. 11.   Planning

a)      To receive updates on The Village Plan/Place-making Plan/CVNP

Councillor Smart reports that there was a CVNP meeting in June, which focused on finances rather than planning. The guidance on the use of CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) money is being re-written.


b)      Other planning:   

i)                    To discuss and decide a response to application:

19/03613/FUL    5, Innicks Close, Ubley

Aspects of the application were discussed in detail and a majority of Councillors voted to object to the application in its present form.




ii)                  To discuss and decide a response to the refusal of application by B&NES:

19/02741/FUL   5, Squire lane, Ubley

The Parish Council were aware that the applicant had appealed the decision of B&NES Council. Though Councillors were minded to contact B&NES about their decision, the District Councillor advised them that the Parish Council had “no weight” in this part of the process and should wait for a resubmission by the applicant.


It was noted that though the Parish Council were satisfied with the outcome of application 19/03115/FUL, Lakewood House, The Sidelings, certain elements of the Parish Councils submission had not been recorded.




c)       To receive an update on the Play Area including progress on the Lease of the Glebe Field.

The Street Party is to take place on Sunday afternoon, 8th September. All licenses and permissions have been obtained.


The current lease of the Glebe Field form the Diocese runs out in 2023. A “letter in principle” from the Diocese is required prior to the Play Area Group forging ahead with fund-raising.  



d)       To receive an update on the PCAA

The PCAA continues to be very active in submitting evidence-based responses to planning applications and to the broader consultation on the Airport’s planned growth.











Cllr Collins to send a response to B&NES on behalf of the Parish Council














Cllr Collins to send a comment out to Councillors prior to submission to B&NES








Cllr Thompson to expedite this

  1. 12.   Grounds Maintenance

a)      To review the quality and cost of the grass cutting as undertaken by WestCountry Groundcare Ltd.

The Chairman is sending a revised cutting schedule to the Contractor.

It would be useful to have the key dates that the School need to use the Glebe Field, so that grass cutting can be done accordingly.




Quotes are being received for cutting the hedges in Walnut tree Close.

Quotes were going to be sought for pruning and training the Wisteria at the front of the Hall but several Councillors have offered to do this themselves.

Councillor Moore has offered to cut the Amenity Area lawn.






Cllr Smart to check with the Primary School their usage of the Glebe Field



Cllr Moore will contact Livewest again re the cutting of the hedges and trees behind the Amenity Area





  1. 13.   Truespeed – to receive an update

Cllr Collins reports that there is a document which shows that the site agreed by CURO is not the site that the cabinet is sitting in. This is related to problems with tree roots in the agreed site. Truespeed claim they spoke to CURO about this.







A representative from CURO will come to Ubley to discuss this with Cllr Collins


  1. 14.   To receive an update on the Parish Hall

a)      Slim water butt – an update

Councillor Moore will discuss the purchase of the water butt at the next Parish Hall Committee meeting.


Councillor Moore reports that the Parish Hall Committee would like to purchase two stacking pub style picnic tables for the Amenity Area. They would like to keep these in the corner of the Amenity Area when they are not in use. Councillors are in agreement with this but would want assurance that they would be put away after use to minimise any effect on the lawn and to allow for grass cutting.







Cllr Moore to report back to the Parish Hall Committee

  1. 15.   To receive reports from Councillors who have attended meetings or training sessions.

a)      Good Councillor Training   9.07.19

The three Councillors who attended this training all reported that it was good. Other Councillors were encouraged to attend this Course in the future.


b)      Chew Valley Forum     15.07.19

The Chairman and Councillor Moore attended this very useful meeting which focused on Highways. The minutes will be sent round to all Councillors in due course.






  1. 16.   Dates of next meetings


The next meetings will be on Thursdays 3rd October, 7th November and 5th December. Start time - 7.30pm.


Chairman: Wesley Hallam  Tel: 01761 463509

Clerk: Mrs Hilary Collins Tel: 01761 462294

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.