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UPC Minutes 3rd October 2019

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UPC Minutes 3rd October 2019

 Minutes of the Meeting of Ubley Parish Council on 3rd October 2019



Present: Councillors: Hallam (Chairman), Collins (Vice-Chairman), Cole, Croot, Moore, Smart and Thompson.

Clerk: Mrs H Collins

Beat Manager: Jon Beswetherick

District Councillor: Vic Pritchard



  1. 1.       To receive and accept apologies for absence

No apologies were received for this meeting.



  1. 2.       To receive declarations of interest in the agenda

None declared.



  1. 3.       Open session to receive comments from the public

No Parishioners were present at the meeting.




  1. 4.       To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meetings held on 5th September.

These were duly approved and signed. The actions were confirmed during the appropriate sections of the meeting.





  1. 5.       Clerk’s report/correspondence: To discuss and approve further actions where needed:

a)      Consultations and general information

        i.            Community Awards

The Parish Council felt that they had no one to nominate for these awards.


       ii.            and iii.  Policy Consultation E-briefing 10-19 5G mobile coverage

The Parish Council’s main concern was the issue of “permitted development”, especially with regard to the width and height of masts.




     iv.            Bath Clean Air Zone consultation

District Councillor Pritchard was able to explain that this was mainly in relation to a “slight addition” to the areas concerned.



       v.            Bath and West Community Energy

The Parish Council agreed that this scheme was “not appropriate” for Ubley.


     vi.            Consultation on new code of audit practice

The Parish Council agreed that they did not need to comment on this consultation.


   vii.            Visit Somerset

An email had been received after the setting of the agenda regarding the possibility of Ubley Parish Council paying to be included in “Visit Somerset”. Councillors were unanimous in their decision that this was too expensive and not appropriate for Ubley.



b)    Parish Council Specific

        i.            Website

The Vice-Chairman reported that the Parish Council now had full control of the hosting of the website. He is able to add-in documents.



       ii.            Councillor roles and emails

Councillor Croot reports that he is now live on his Parish Council email account.








     iii.            Insurance for the Glebe Field

The Clerk sought clarification of whether the Glebe Field was, or should be, insured by the Parish Council as it is leased from the Diocese. This also raised the question of whether it should be included on the Parish Council’s Asset Register.






     iv.            Register of members Interest Forms

Parish Councillors were reminded that these forms should be updated every four years.




       v.            Risk Register Update

It was agreed that this item should be put forward to the next meeting.




     vi.            Community Clean-up

The Parish Council agreed that they should take part in this event.











The Vice-Chairman to respond on behalf of the Parish Council



Councillors will respond to this individually























Cllr Smart working on setting up the email accounts for Cllrs Hallam and Cole immediately following this meeting




Cllr Moore to clarify the position on the insurance.

The Clerk to check with ALCA the position re the Asset Register




The Clerk to check which forms have not been updated









An event to be organised for October the 26th

6.    To receive an update on Highways issues, speed limits and signposts

a)      Update on speed limits through the village

Councillor Collins has been chasing B&NES for an update.  Things are moving slowly. They are preparing a report showing the proposed works. Following this they will be drafting the Officers decision report which will be circulated to the local councillors and cabinet members for comments – this is the start of the legal process, which they hope to have this started in the next couple of weeks.




b)      Update on footpaths

The Vice-Chairman reports that though the landowner did have the vegetation on Back Lane cut back from the land above, the result was that growth was pushed further down the bank. The Vice-Chairman has now cleared this himself.


The Chairman confirmed that he had spoken to the landowner about the Japanese Knotweed in the field by the bus stop.


Councillor Moore reported that he had not found a problem with the electric fencing in the filed by Snatch Lane.


The fields at the back of Stilemead Lane are difficult to access at the moment as they have been ploughed.















Cllr Cole will liaise with the landowner re this










  1. 7.         To receive an update from the Police Report/Neighbourhood Watch

This item was taken after item 3 in case Jon Beswetherick had to leave early.

He reported that there had been no reports of crime in Ubley since his report to the Chew Valley Forum.


The Clerk informed Constable Beswetherick that a parishioner had emailed a complaint regarding excessive agricultural noise late into the night on the 2nd/3rd October











The Clerk to forward the complaint to Constable Beswetherick

  1. 8.              To receive an update from District Councillor Vic Pritchard

An extraordinary paper is going to full Council w/c October 7th regarding the Joint Spatial Plan. We should then have some information on B&NES position.


A progress report has been produced regarding Climate Change. The software package used regarding carbon neutrality indicates that even if the Council do everything that they can, they will only be able to achieve 72% carbon neutrality by 2030. B&NES are looking to increase the number of wind turbines and the amount of land used for solar panels in their area amongst other plans.


Some issues re flight paths were discussed and the point was made that the national targets on carbon emissions do not include air and sea travel.



  1. 9.         Finances

a) Financial statement

The Financial Statement was shared with the Parish Council.



b) To confirm payments and signing of cheques

The payments recorded in the Financial Statement were agreed by all Councillors and the cheques were duly signed after the meeting.








  1. 10.     Defibrillator: To receive an update

a)      Defibrillator training – feedback from the training session

Thanks were extended to Alex Easton for holding the training session and to Councillor Moore for organising it. Some of those unable to attend would like the opportunity to receive training in the future. It was suggested that a waiting list be compiled and another training session arranged when the numbers are sufficient.


Councillor Moore reports that an electrician is coming on Monday night to look at the defibrillator light.



The Clerk to advertise a waiting list in the Short Report

  1. 11.   Planning

a)      To receive updates on The Village Plan/Place-making Plan/CVNP

An update had been received from Jon Mitchell, the new Chair of the CVNP Steering Group. The use of the combined CIL money was discussed. The Parish Council feel strongly that this money should be used for the good of the whole Neighbourhood Plan Area and not just an individual Parish.




b)      Other planning:   

i ) To discuss application  19/03613/FUL

The Parish Council were concerned as the decision by B&NES regarding this application had been made before the new, extended Consultation Period. Also, they did not feel that their comments had been answered as indicated in the Decision Document.

c)       To receive an update on the Play Area including progress on the Lease of the Glebe Field

The Street Party had been very successful, with over a hundred people attending throughout the afternoon; raising £480 towards the Play Area.

An informal tender process is now being undertaken to find a suitable supplier for the Play Equipment.


d)       To receive an update on the PCAA

The PCAA had requested that each of the Parish Council members considered submitting an objection to the Bristol Airport expansion plans. Following discussion this was agreed by the all the Councillors on a variety of grounds, but particularly the environmental impacts and the lack of local infrastructure.




The Vice-Chairman to investigate the cost of starting up a Community Transport Scheme



















The Vice-Chairman to submit an objection to the Airport expansion plans as agreed

  1. 12.   Grounds Maintenance

Thanks to Councillors Hallam, Collins and Croot for tidying the wisteria and hedge at the Parish Hall in time for the Beer Festival and to Peter George for taking away the cuttings. Also, thanks to Councillor Moore for cutting the Amenity Area grass. Councillor Cole will be cutting the Glebe Field over the winter.


The Chairman had emailed WestCountry Groundcare Ltd regarding a revised cutting schedule as reported at the last meeting. However, some grass cutting has not been done as expected. In particular the verge outside the Church.


The Primary School are not now using the Glebe Field as much. They are using the Hall more instead at present.







  1. 13.   Truespeed – to receive an update

There was a site meeting with the Estates Manager from CURO, the Vice-Chairman and some of the residents of Innicks Close. The Estates Manager has since liaised with Truespeed who have agreed to move the cabinet. The Vice-Chairman has made it clear that this must involve the residents of Innicks Close.








  1. 14.   To receive an update on the Parish Hall

a)      Slim water butt – an update

Cllr Moore attended the last Parish Hall Committee meeting but there is nothing of note to report. Progress has not yet been made on the water butt.








15.  To receive reports from Councillors who have attended meetings or training sessions.


a)      B&NES ALCA meeting  23rd September    The Clerk

A Liaison Group meet quarterly and feed into the Parish Liaison group. They are looking for another member.

The Rural Transport group are also looking for members – they will be at the next Parish Liaison Meeting.

The Community Empowerment Fund is being replaced by the Ward Councillor Fund.

Any issues regarding safety of grassland and verges should go to the Parks and Highways Department.

Further sessions of the “Good Councillor Course” and the “Skills for Chairmen Course” are available.


b)      PCAA meeting  26th September   Cllr Collins

The PCAA continues to be very active and has added in two more Parish Councils so now is comprised of 23 PCs and one Town Council.

They are keeping a close eye on the proposed airspace changes under CAP 1616. These changes could see a widening of the area overflown. Further consultation meetings are planned for January.

It is still not clear when the Planning Application is going to be heard by North Somerset Council.

As already noted the PCAA is asking all Parish Councils to submit objections to the planning application.


c)       CVAF 30th September    Cllr Moore

Cllr Moore confirmed that Gigaclear has lost the broadband contract through poor performance. However, they are still finishing off some pieces of work. Minutes of this meeting will be circulated to Councillors once received.






  1. 16.   Dates of next meetings


The next meetings will be on Thursdays 7th November and 5th December. Start time - 7.30pm.


Chairman: Wesley Hallam  Tel: 01761 463509

Clerk: Mrs Hilary Collins Tel: 01761 462294

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.