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UPC Minutes 5th December 2019

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UPC Minutes 5th December 2019


held on Thursday 5th December









Councillors Hallam (Charirman), Moore, Collins (Vice Chairman),

-And later Councillors Thompson, and Croot

Clerk – Corinna Levack

District Councillor - Karen Warrington



To receive and accept apologies for absence



Apologies for absence - Clr Smart



To receive declarations of interest in the agenda



None received



Open session to receive comments from the public



No members of the public were present



To approve and sign the minutes of the previous meeting held on 7th November and go through the follow-up actions



These were duly approved and signed.

Actions indicated on the minutes are contained in the agenda and minutes for this meeting.



Clerk’s report/correspondence: To discuss and approve further actions where needed:


5 a

Consultations and General Information



Campaign on the idling of motor vehicles outside schools

Discussion postponed to next month as Clr Croot was unavailable



B&NES Council Budget Consultations

Tuesday 17th December at 6.30 at the Guildhall in Bath

Thursday 19th December at 6.30 at the Community Space in Keynsham

Clrs Moore / Collins will attend.


Council Representative at The Chew Valley Forum

Clr Moore is the council representative and Clrs Hallam and Collins are potential substitutes



Parish Council Specific



Standard email addresses

These are working well for most people.  The Clerk is now using these emails for all correspondence.

Clrs Cole, Croot, and Thompson are experiencing some issues


The domain subscription is due for renewal which has to be done online

Clr Smart requested to offer further support


Clr Collins will review and renew and the council will reimburse his expenses


Staff Committee : the Clerk and the Sweeper

A third member of the Staff committee is required by the model standing orders.  Clr Hallam was approved as the third member along side Clrs Collins and Smart.






The Sweeper – met with Clr Hallam and the Clerk and it was confirmed that he is accepting of the reduction in his hours by 1/3 from April 2020

The Clerk to circulate Model Standing Orders for the committee to adapt to Ubley’s needs.  Committee report to the full Council due in January


Risk Register – progress update

It was agreed that Clr Thompson and the Clerk will meet to take this forward.

Clr Thompson & the Clerk to report to the January meeting



See 5 (b) (i) above regarding subscription

Agreed Clr Collins will resolve the issues in the News page and pass the responsibility for the website to Clr Smart

Clrs Collins and Smart


Clerk’s expenses

Total of £52.91 agreed.  The Council agreed the Clerk may use her own printer to reduce the amount of paper used.



To receive an update on highways Issues, speed limits, and signposts



Update on speed limits through the village.

The Highways department has been unresponsive to attempted requests for updates.  Clr Warrington suggested some alternative contacts.

Clr Collins


Update on footpaths

Postponed as Clr Cole absent.

Clr Cole


Parking at the top of The Street

Three signs are being prepared to ask people not to park at the narrowed area.  Liaison with the owners of one of the properties had elicited a very helpful response in asking guests not to park opposite the Old Chapel.



The state of the roads through the village

There has been no repeat of the mess on 24th October.  There continues to be a recurrent problem with flooding near Bickfield Farm.  Further representations will be made to B&NES

Clrs Moore and Warrington



The following was reported :

- at York House, the drains are now clear

- at Old Manor there is agreement for the removal of an obstruction

- at Walnut Tree Farm – a recent camera inspection showed complex drainage issues which are now on the list for action



To receive an update from the Police and Neighbourhood Watch



No report received from the police

Nothing to report from Neighbourhood Watch though vigilance might be wise at this time of year.



To receive an update from the District Councillor



District Clr Warrington was warmly welcomed to this, her first Ubley Parish Council meeting.

Due to the forthcoming General Election officers and councillors are “in purdah”.

Clr Warrington offered to send additional information to the parish regarding the Councillors Empowerment Fund; she reported that a very high proportion of its income that B&NES has to spend on children and adult social care; and the need to make further savings.






Bank account updates

The Council passed the following resolution :

“This Council resolves that the names of Mrs Hilary Collins and Mr John Weiss should be removed as signatories on the Ubley Parish Council bank account and the name of the new Clerk, Corinna Levack be added.”

Two Councillors agreed to sign the papers for changing the signatories.

It was noted that at least two banks are known to be starting to offer online services potentially suitable for Parish Councils



Financial Statement

A full statement was not available as the paper bank statement had not arrived. 



To confirm payments and the signing of cheques

The payments identified below these Minutes were agreed.

A forthcoming expense to be settled by Clr Collins was approved by the Council : £23.98 annual fee for the website and email accounts.





Annual budget


The Council has to return the Precept Form by 12th February 2020 so should aim to complete discussions at the January 9th meeting.



It was clarified that the CIL payment should be spent by the end of March 2022

There was discussion about creating pedestrian space along The Street

Clr Thompson & the Clerk to meet to finalise a proposal to put to the January meeting.


Clr Thompson to submit a proposal to the January meeting





To receive updates on The Village Plan / Place Making Plan / Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan

Clr Smart sent a written report.  In summary :

-The CVNP is starting to re-form slowly

-Ubley needs to recruit a second representative from the community






Clerk to publicise in the short report


Community Transport Proposal

Clr Collins was thanked for his helpful and discussion paper which was warmly supported and which he will take forward in the Chew Valley.

Clr Warrington will put Clr  Collins in touch with the representative for the Timsbury scheme






Clr Warrington


Other Planning


(c) (i)

To discuss and decide a response to applications

-       19 / 049 52 / FUL     6, Squire Lane – supported and recommended that this application and that regarding 5, Squire Lane be considered together

-       19 / 05246 / FUL      17 Innicks Close – the application arrived after the agenda was set.  The Clerk has requested an extension so that the Council can comment properly



Clr Collins will report the Council’s views



Clr Collins will circulate a draft response

(c) (ii)

Previous applications – update

No updates given



To receive an update on the Parish Council Airports Association (PCAA)

North Somerset Council have delayed their decision until 2020.  It was reported that an Ubley resident with relevant expertise has been warmly welcomed to the group.



Grounds and Facilities


11 (a)



(a)  (i)

Groundworks update

The Chairman was thanked for obtaining a reduction in the recent groundworks bill.  The Council would like to look at alternative suppliers

The Clerk to contact a local firm


Glebe Field

Clr Smart is still awaiting a response regarding the renewal of the lease.  The playground group are assessing the tenders.

It is planned that the VE Day celebrations (8th May.2020) will be used to fundraise for the playground.



Parish Hall

No report



Amenity Lawn

Clr Moore is seeking an update from the Housing Association regarding boundary maintenance




All working well following recent maintenance.  Discussion regarding the likely cost of a replacement in the future.


11 (b)




Clean up - The bins on the A368 are full again

Discussion about the possibility of mobile CCTV to monitor

Clr Hallam


Possible extra Dog Poo bin

B&NES empties the Ubley bins weekly and they will monitor the need for an additional bin.  Discussion regarding the risk of waste being left by the footpaths in the nearby fields if there are insufficient bins.


Councillors to update the Clerk instances of waste left by the footpaths


The Cross – The bedding plants are in and looking good.  Volunteers were agreed for putting up the Christmas tree



Truespeed -  following requests from residents regarding making good around the new cabinet,

Clr Collins will contact Truespeed


To receive reports from Councillors / Clerk who have attended meetings or training sessions



No reports



To confirm the date of the next meeting :



Thursday 9th January 2020

at 7.30pm

at Ubley Parish Hall







/cont’d ….

Payments Agreed :



Cheque number



Spend to date





Ken Jones

Sweeper salary

Spend to date is £2298 and should remain a little under budget




Corinna Levack

Clerk’s salary

Should remain a little under budget.




West Country Groundcare Ltd


(This is an amount substituted for a larger sum originally claimed)  -Over budget




Clerk’s Expenses (stamps, envelopes, mileage for training)

£30 left in budget.




Clr Moore Expenses (Defibrillator maintenance)

This payment takes the budget £160 over budget for these essential repairs




Clr Hallam for bedding plants

£21 unspent of £170 budgetted




ALCA – CilCA 2 Training for incoming clerk

There is £12 left to stay within budget




Rent for Glebe Field Sept 2019 – Sept 2020

Within budget