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The next Parish Council meeting will be a virtual one scheduled for Thursday 10th September.  The Parish Council is continuing to function and is trying to progress all urgent work over email etc. We will continue to provide updates.

Recent documents published for transparency are:

- Aug20 - Notice of Public Rights

- Aug20 Annual Governance Statement - Section 1

- Aug20 Annual Governance Statement - Section 2

- Aug20 - Certificate of Exemption

- Aug20 - Annual Internal Audit Report



Minutes for meetings in 2019/20 are as follows:

UPC Minutes 4th April 2019

UPC Minutes 9th May 2019

UPC Minutes 6th June 2019

UPC Minutes 4th July 2019

UPC Minutes 5th September 2019

UPC Minutes 3rd October 2019

UPC Minutes 7th November 2019

UPC Minutes 5th December 2019

UPC Minutes 9th January 2020

UPC Minutes 6th February 2020

UPC Minutes 5th March 2020

UPC Minutes 4th June 2020

UPC Minutes 13th August 2020

UPC Minutes 10th Sept 2020

UPC Minutes 8th Oct 2020

UPC Minutes 12th Nov 2020

Draft UPC Minutes 10th Dec 2020




The Budget for Ubley Parish Council for 2020/21 is as follows:

Ubley Parish Council - Budget 2020/21


Recently published annual finance and accounts information for 2018/2019:

- Notice of Public Rights & Publication of Annual Governance & Accountability Return

- Ubley Parish Council Accounts - a Summary of your Rights

- UPC Annual Accounting Statement 2018/19

- UPC Annual Governance Statement 2018/19

- UPC Certificate of Exemption 2018/19


Overview of the Parish Council

Ubley Parish Council consists of seven Councillors elected for a four year term. The Council appoints and employs the Clerk who administers the affairs of the Council. Information on your Councillors and Clerk as well as contact information can be found by following this link. 

Parish Council - Councillors


The Parish Council meets in public, 11 times a year, customarily on the first Thursday of the month in Ubley Parish Hall at 7:30pm. Dates of the next meeting are normally posted on the Parish notice boards and on the events pages of of this website.

Dates and times can sometimes vary to allow for Bank Holidays, for example, but the Notice and Agenda for each meeting are always displayed on the village notice boards at least 5 days in advance. The Agenda is also available on this website by following the link below. 

Short Report for the September 2019 meeting:

Short Report - September 2019

Recent agenda:


Agenda Ubley Parish Council 7th March 2019

An Open Forum session is held at the beginning of each meeting to allow members of the public present to speak and raise any points of general concern to the village.

Minutes of meetings are ratified at the following meeting. They are also available on this website. All Minutes will be "DRAFT" until ratified at the following meeting.

The latest minutes can be found here:

Minutes Ubley Parish Council 31st Jan 2019

An archive of all Parish Council minutes can be found by clicking the link below.

All Parish Council Meeting Minutes

The Ubley Parish Council Audit Report of 31st March 2017 can be found here.

Parish Council 2016-17 Audit & Accounts

The Financial Summary for 2016 - 17 can be found here.

Ubley Parish Council Financial Summary 2016-17

The Ubley Parish Council Annual Return can be found here.

Ubley Parish Council Annual Return 2016 - 2017

The Declaration of Status of Published accounts can be found here.

UPC Declaration of Status of Published Accounts 2017

The CIL Report From December 2017 can be found here.

 CIL Report Dec 2017 Ubley Parish Council

The Annual Parish Meeting

This is usually held in April or May but the date may vary. It is not a meeting of the Council but an opportunity for all residents to attend to hear reports from the Council, from village organisations, and to raise any other village matters they wish to air.

Reports from the last APM can be found here:

APM Reports for 2018

Ubley Parish Council APM Reports for 2017